Major difference among Scientists & Ancient Rishis

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Since time immemorial, many scientists from various backgrounds are in the pursuit of finding the fundamental reality of the creation. Although scientists are not reached anyway close to the reality but they understood so many things about the Universe and its expansion with the support of physics & mathematics.

Back in the history, thousands of years from now, the same quest is also found in the ancient Rishis from India about origin of creation, fundamental reality of creation & sustenance of the this un imaginable vast Universe etc.

In both cases, there is similarity in the pursuit of objective that is about knowing the fundamental reality of the creation. But there is huge difference in the approach, methodology of the investigation.

Science cannot work without hypothesis (theoretical assumptions), models, predictions, some data & old knowledge etc. This is the limitation of the Science. If we carefully notice the discoveries of science & understandings of the scientists from time to time changes as it advances and refines. This clearly indicating that, we cannot rely upon the findings & understandings of the science especially about creation & fundamental reality of the Universe, because their understanding is changing from time to time.

The other side, ancient Rishis approached to find the ‘Truth’ is a unique way and it is not dependent on any data, information, assumptions, imaginations, theory or models etc. Therefore, this approach made a clear distinction from the science in finding the fundamental reality. What about the results? what is their understandings of the creation?

Rishis are also called ‘Drastas‘ which means ‘Seers’ of the ‘Truth’. This means, they have “Seen” the ‘Truth’, but this seeing does not means seeing with the physical eyes. Rishis are experienced the ‘Truth; by becoming one with the ‘Truth’ in the deep meditation. This is why, the knowledge system in the Vedic tradition is known as ‘Darshan’, which means ‘Vision’ ‘Seeing’. After the Rishis come out of the meditative state, they recorded about their ‘Darshnan‘ of the ‘Truth’. They are called ‘Scriptures’, most important scriptures in the Vedic heritage are ‘Upanishads’ or ‘Vedanta’

Why these Scriptures are more reliable than Science? If we see carefully the difference in the approaches to find the reality, we can grasp easily which is more authentic way, one which is based on predetermined assumptions & models or another which is directly seen or experienced one? In order to verify these things, we can see the history on both sides. For the past hundred years are so, how many times science has changed its way of understanding about the fundamental reality? how many times science has declared that we have found this with full certainty? how many times science has changed the perception or point of view about the ‘Truth’? Answer to these questions is well known to all of us that, almost every time science is unreliable with their findings.

On other side, Ancient Rishis are recorded each & every detail about the creation, what is there before creation & sustenance of the creation & most fundamental reality of the creation which is the cause of all creation & destruction etc. Surprisingly, these details provided in most ancient (some thousands of years back) scriptures like Upanishads are valid today and can be validated by any one. The Rishis have mentioned about the ‘Truth’ in thousands of years back but till today there is no change is proposed by any other Saints or Sages. This shows, how reliable these findings compare to Science.

Therefore, dear friends, this is not about criticizing or embracing any one particular system. But, this is the way of analyzing & understanding and accepting the facts of each system and their limitations. This understanding is very essential for coming generations, without these understandings, immense amount of energy, wealth & time go waste in wrong approaches in the pursuit of higher truths.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar

Kapila Muni view on Devotion to God

Vipasana: Sages from the Hindu Scriptures: Kapila
Kapila Muni

A great Jnani of Indian order, Kapila Muni, who is founder of Samkya Philosophy, says very interesting things about devotion; the following is the conversation took place between Kapila Muni & his mother;

When Kapila father departed to forest after his retirement from duties, Kapila Muni lived with his mother at Lake Bindu. One day Devahuti (Mother of Kapila Muni) asked him: ‘My son, my senses have completely bewildered me. Please dispel my attachment and delusion. You are the Lord himself, born in this world to destroy delusion.’

Kapila replied: ‘O Mother, the mind alone is the source of both bondage and liberation. The mind is attached to the three gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas—the principles of light and balance, activity and attachment, and darkness and delusion. This attachment to the three gunas binds us. But if we can give up all sense of the ego—that is, of “I” and “mine”—then the mind will attain purity and can be fixed on the Supreme Spirit. Devotion to the Lord is the easiest way to do this’.

Kapilamuni further says; ‘When a person focuses all his sense-organs on the Lord through love, his impurities become burned up, just as fire burns up things that are put in it. This is true bhakti, or devotion. And though such devotees do not care for mukti (liberation), their devotion for the Lord leads them easily to that state which is beyond birth and death. Devotion alone takes one to the highest.’

As we all know Kapila Muni is the Great Jnani, but his teachings about attaining the highest are very interesting. May be we can understand the significance of God’s role in our Spiritual Journey from his teachings. One can also grasp the essence of his teachings is the Surrendering the results of all actions at the feet of Lord.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar

The Greatness of Nondual Meditation

Sri Krishna says to Arjuna in Gita that, the path of the Bhakti (Love of God) is the supreme way to attain the highest.

Yes, this path is certainly supreme path for all beings, but there are some driving forces are essential in this path, which are prescribed by all traditional Masters & Vedic Scriptures which includes; Chanting of sacred names of God, Japa, Kirthan, singing of Gods glories, meditation of appealing images of Gods in the heart, daily rituals etc. As long as one persuade these spiritual disciplines, no doubt there can be definite & significant progress in the way to God Realization.

But there are certain times in our lives where we have to face uncertainties and miseries. At these times, it is really difficult to hold on to our beliefs & faith on the God because it would be tough to have elevated emotions in the heart for the God in uncertainties.

This is the time, most of us stuck in the Spiritual path, because all Science & Logics attack our beliefs and Faith hence one may lost in all the way from sacred path to Samsara (Worldly life).

Nonduality Sadhana Supports Progress

So, it is recommended to harmonize the paths of Bhakti & Knowledge by all great Masters such as; Adi Sankaracharya, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Nonduality or Advaita Vedanta guide our intellect perfectly into wisdom & peace without any need of Faith & beliefs. Yes, this is true, what does it requires? just to pay attention to the pointing’s and check with ones own experience and understand the Truth.

Vedanta, asks you not to believe on existence of God in the beginning. But it asks to observe our Individual Existence, and this is evident to us without any doubt at all time in our lives. Vedanta says, now don’t identify this Existence with any other phenomenon’s of life just keep on observing in the Meditation. This makes us clear slowly that, I am the ‘Existence’ itself not the Body or the Mind and their sufferings but ‘I am That’ is (Pure Existence).

Here, in this Vedanta Sastras (Texts), there is no belief required as it is highly logical & Experiential at every stage. Vedanta says ‘Brahman’ is the highest Truth, which is none other than ‘Pure Existence, Pure Knowledge & Bliss’ (Sat Chit Ananda). If one can sit with the guidance & contemplate in the meditation then it is quite possible to relate the attributes of Brahman to our own Existence. Yes, this is because the core of our Existence is ‘Brahman’. Vedanta says, there is no other existing things in the Universe except Brahman if this is the case our Individual existence is just an illusion.

No one can deny his or her own existence, hence this Sadhana can be done at anytime, anywhere and realize the Truth. The result of these contemplations will gives rise to profound peace in midst of uncertainties and personnel miseries. Yes, this is the sign of Vedantic Enquiry in to ones own self.

In conclusion, I would say; in these era of Science it is always better to carry wisdom along with Bhakti in our Spiritual journey in order to face undesirable situations in life but not stop our progress towards God realization. Hence, study of Vedanta & meditate/contemplate on the teachings is a greater support to Spiritual seeker along with all the prescribed Devotional practices.

Thank You, Ravi Kumar

Role of ‘Maya’ & ‘God’ in life

An experiential insight

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The essence of Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita or other great Vedanta Scriptures are pointing to one single ‘Truth’ which is known as ‘Sat Chit Ananda’ or ‘Brahman’.

Ultimate teaching of Shankaracharya is famously known as;

“Brahma Satyam, Jagath Mithya, Jiva Brahmiva naapara”

When I contemplate these teachings in mind, in course of time, I started understanding the implications of them in life. Now, I would like to share one such insight which occurred to me recently through Vedantic contemplations.

In my understanding Vedanta teaches again & again the same things which is; the world which we see is unreal and unseen pure consciousness (through senses) is only real and ‘I’ am none other than the ‘reality’.

But, sometimes a question comes to me that if ‘I’ am the reality how am ‘I’ missing all the time and feeling the unreal world as real. This contemplation sometimes take me to ‘Silence’ but there something profound peace is experienced then it is as usual mind attacks and disturb and bring me into normal plane. Here, my insight is not about that experience at higher planes of Consciousness but it is, some other dimension of the ‘Truth’

Role of ‘Maya

The moment, when mind becomes desire less , introspective due to one or other reasons & then the nature of the outer world suddenly become questionable and internal experience also drastically changes. This is the point the role of ‘Maya’ starts. What it does? It immediately agitate the mind with the desires of the worldly objects, brings excitement, hope, pleasures, thoughts etc.

Have you noticed, whenever mind becomes naturally still, then whole experience also changes then if we leave for a while in that state, may be we can grasp the ‘Truth’. But here is the ‘Maya’ never under estimate its power, which can stop you at doorstep. Yes, it says in several scriptures that the role of ‘Maya’ is to sustain the world. So, I realized that how beautifully & perfectly executing its duty at every induvial level. Yes, otherwise each ‘soul’ can awaken at any moment and if this goes on, this world sustenance can be questionable. Look deeply in to this perspective, then we can also understand Scriptural sayings; why Sages says that; ‘Truth’ reveals only to chosen ones, it is not that, an individual or Jiva will awaken to the ‘Truth’, in fact it is opposite.

Role of ‘God’

If this is the case, then what is the role f ‘God’ in awakening? Yes, understood there is huge role that ‘God’ is plays in Spiritual life. When, deep desire for ‘God realization’ begins in the heart of a seeker, then from that moment onwards the ‘God’ role begins in his life towards awakening to the ‘Truth’.

God takes the role of ‘Protector’ from the ‘Maya’ in our life. Yes, as we knew from the Scriptures that ‘Maya’ is under the control of ‘Eswara’ (God), it is quite possible that if he (God) wish to protect any individual from the effects of ‘Maya’ then it is an easy job for him. Hence, this is the great blessing to the devotee (seeker of the truth) to get in to this position where he will continue to live in presence of Divine Grace. I would say, every seeker should come to this point if one wants to realize the ‘Truth’. So, this means to please the Lord is the greatest way for realization otherwise it simply unreachable destiny.

Friends, therefore, Bhakti Yoga or Path of devotion is the supreme path to realization. As Sri Krishna says in Gita;

“It is impossible to overcome my Great power of Maya, but surrender unto me and I will make you to cross over it”

This is the great assurance we get from the ‘God’ directly, then what else we want except surrendering our will & actions to the feet of Lord.

In conclusion, I would say, there is nothing to curse the ‘Maya’ for its role in our life, because it is the duty given by the ‘Lord’. In fact , ‘Maya’ is nothing but ‘Power of God’. If, we properly understood, rules are clearly set by the Supreme Brahman or Paramatman of the Universe that before creation (Scriptural reference also supporting this); Maya will lead & sustain the world & ‘God’ will protect the devotees from the effects of ‘Maya’. Therefore it is our turn whether we want to be protected by the ‘God’ and move on in life towards awakening or to be influenced by the power of ‘Maya’. Yes, absolutely it is in our hands because both depends on ‘Sankalpa‘ (deep desire) that what is our wanting in life whether ‘world of objects’ or ‘God’ decides our position.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar.

I Am ‘That’ I Am

Sang by Swami Sivananda Saraswati

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I Am That I Am,

Timeless and space less is this goal
Painless and sorrow less is this seat
Blissful and peaceful is this Abode
Changeless and boundless is this Dhama
I know that “I am He”
I have neither body, mind nor senses
I have neither change, nor growth nor death
I am the Immortal, All-pervading Brahman.
Neither virtue nor sin can touch me
Neither pleasure nor pain can affect me
Neither likes and dislikes can taint me
I am Existence-Absolute, Knowledge-Absolute and Bliss-Absolute.
I have neither friends nor enemies
I have neither parents nor relatives
I have neither home nor country
I am that I am. I am that I am.
I am never born, I never die
I always exist, I am everywhere,
I have neither fear of death nor fear of public criticism
I am Siva, full of Bliss and Knowledge
Chidananda-rupah Sivoham, Sivoham.

My Prostrations at the feet of Swami Sivananda Saraswati.

Thank you.

Deep listening of Lord stories

A Great process of Purification or Sadhana

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We all know that King Parikshit listened Bhagavatam from Shuka Deva for about 7 days and attained liberation. This is very well noted anecdote referred by many great masters and scriptures.

Dear friends my observations on these lines are as follows;

When I was listening about great stories of Lord like Ramayana, Mahabharata or Bhagavatam about 4-5 years back, it was different experience but the same thing I am doing these days has totally different experience. This experience is indescribable with the words.

This difference in experiencing, came to me by 2 reasons with my understanding;

Firstly, doing Sravana (listening) about God with not much idea about actual nature of God has got lesser power on our heart. This particular statement is a big investigating point for many explorations. But, I would say one direct underlying reason here; deep absorption in the story while listening is not possible at this stage for a listener. But, this is one reason, I said, there are many reasons can derive from here.

Second reason is, not knowing that listening to Lord stories itself is a way to liberation. Yes, this is the reason why, I noticed many people listen them for time pass or to gain some Punya (merit). Here is the secret of making the Sravana (listening) in to a highest Sadhana (Spiritual practice). Think about this, how Parikshit listened to Shuka Deva and now we can relate to this particular promise.

Parikshit listened to Master with reverential Shradda (Faith) that he will certainly get liberated if he attentively listen to the Lord stories from this great Master. He did not distracted not even a moment for entire Bhagavatam, hence he got liberation (Mukti).

So, dear friends, this is what, I observed personally when we listen Lord stories with full absorption from great masters with utmost reverence, then we can experience the indescribable Bliss at the moments which will intern help for purification of our minds & hearts at a greater extent and brings progress in spiritual path. A great insight indeed.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar

Swami Tapovan Amazing book ‘Kailas Yatra’

Has a power to Elevate a Spiritual Seeker to a Divine State

Kailas Yatra: Swami Tapovanam/Tr.Swamini Niranjanananda: 9788175970175: Books

India is a rich land for Saints & Sages. Spiritual heritage is rich in this land and available abundantly across the nation. Swami Tapovan is a great Sage who lived most of his life at Himalayan peaks Uttara Kashi and Hrusikesh etc. He is great scholar of Vedanta and wrote number of books on Advaita doctrines. Swami is great Devotee of Gana Matha and his written a very popular and devotional hymn on holy Ganga river (Ganga Stotram). In fact, he never seen Ganga as just a river but believed and lived as Ganga is a holy mother who can transmit the grace and purity to all the Devotees.

Swami Tapovan wrote a book on Himalayas, where he presented all his experiences with so much intensity. It’s really a great book for those who desire to experience the power of holy himalayan land.

Today, I was reading few pages from this book, I felt like I am really roaming in the holy place of Ganga, Hrusikesh. Swami says in the book, it is important to have spiritual attitude to read such books, otherwise author experiences can never be grasped. This is absolutely true, all the great saints & Sages when they can able to transmit the higher states of spiritual experiences through the holy books, it is necessary for seeker to have that attitude if not all this is just an information nothing more than that.

In day to day life, though some Sadhana is carried out by the seekers, it is never adequate to elevate our minds in to higher planes of God Consciousness. So, if one really desire experience of God then, one must visit the holy places in some point of time in life, the Swami spoke about such holy places in the book so eloquently with his experiences and lives of many great Himalayan Saints.

Why it is said that the great people never dies; I understood reality of this, when ever I come across such great books, they speak through the books and can transmit the power & knowledge, which can really give higher spiritual moods and upliftment for us.

I submit my prostrations at the feet of Swami Tapovan.

Thank you & Namaste, Ravi Kumar

Role of a ‘Guru’ in Indian Traditional Knowledge System

From the Vedic Culture Perspective

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All the sages, saints, prophets, world teachers, incarnations, great men have had their own Gurus, however great they might have been. Lord Krishna sat at the feet of His Guru Sandipani. Lord Rama had Guru Vasishtha who gave Him Upadesa. Lord Jesus sought John to be baptized by him on the banks of the river Jordan. 

So, from the above great men life stories, it’s became so clear that, an aspirant need a Guru (Master) in the path of knowledge system because; to light a candle, you need a burning candled even so, an illumined soul alone can enlighten another soul.

The scriptures are like a forest. There are ambiguous passages. There are passages that are apparently contradictory and others that have esoteric meanings, diverse significance and hidden explanations. There are cross references. Hence, one is in need of a Guru or Preceptor who will explain the right meaning, who can remove doubts and ambiguities, who can place before you the essence of the teachings.

It also said from the Vedic culture that;  It is only the Guru who will find out our defects. The nature of egoism is such that one can not be able to find out his own defects. Just as a man cannot see his back, so also he cannot see his own errors. He must live under a Guru for the eradication of his evil qualities and defects.

Therefore, we can conclude that;

Guru-Kripa, grace of the Guru, is very necessary. Guru and Sastras (Scriptures) can show the path and remove doubts. So long as there is a world, there are Gurus and Vedas to guide the struggling souls in the path of knowledge and Self-realization.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar

Role of ‘Viveka’ & Vairagya’ in Karma Yoga

Wisdom from Gita
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Karmayoga is not a time-bound external procedure. It is the application of a wisdom, an insight, for transforming the purpose and attitude of the practitioner while doing anything. The Karma Yoga helps oneself to cultivate a new outlook and orientation in the mind and intelligence while doing whatever actions.

There is no question of beginning and completing karmayoga, as if it were a course of procedures and practices limited by time, place and external activities? Karma yoga is an all-time attunement of mind and intelligence. The Yogabuddhi, the insight and its application, will itself bring about the benefits immediately.

In this Karmayoga practice, Sri Krishna, says in Gita (verse 2.41):

व्यवसायात्मिका बुद्धिरेकेह कुरुनन्दन ।बहुशाखा ह्यनन्ताश्च बुद्धयोऽव्यवसायिनाम् ।। (Gita 2.41)

The Karma Yoga practitioner ‘mind’ (buddhi) must remain firm, resolute and exclusive in its assessment and finding. The intelligence begins to think and evaluate matters relating to life in this world and the next, and finally becomes very clear as to what ultimate value all these have.

By the instructions of Krishna, it is clearly understood that the yogabuddhi will be attained not by the strength of any rituals, but by the sincere application of a reflective and evaluative mind alone.

Thus, the dawn of viveka (Power of Discrimination) and vairagya (Detachment) will alone help one to take up karmayoga.

Thank you all, Ravi Kumar.

Reference: Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha, Gita Articles for Sadhana.

Friend, hope for the Guest while you are alive

Kabir Says

There is a bird on this body tree. That dances in the ecstasy of life. No one knows where it is, and who could ever know what its music means?

It nests where branches cast deep shadow; It comes in the dusk and flies away at dawn And never says a word of what it intends. No one can tell me anything About this bird that sings in my blood. It isn’t colored or colorless; It doesn’t have a form, or outline; It sits always in the shadow of love. It lives within the Unreachable, the Boundless, the Eternal And no one can tell when it comes or when it goes.

Kabir says, “Fellow seeker, The mystery of this bird Is marvelous and profound. Be wise; struggle to know Where this bird comes to rest.”

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What a beautiful indication by Kabir to the fellow seekers of Truth. The mystics are pointing to the heaven which lies within and this is only possible to grasp by seeing inward deeply and yearning in the heart for that marvelous and immortal Bliss. So, friends, if you are really searching for the truth spend time to dwell on these indications given by great mystics.

What a beautiful Journey !!!

I invite to share any such pointing’s in comments given by great mystics about ‘Truth’.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar